Handcrafted Humidors: An exclusive space for calm

Reposo: Our line of handcrafted humidors provide the proper environment for premium cigars to age. Reposo meets the highest of standards for climate stability and hygiene — Reposo will leave a lasting impression for years to come.

A passion for cigars and for luxury.

Every Reposo is a custom-tailored unique piece featuring avant-garde design. Our room objects also meet very high standards from a technical perspective.

A precisely defined atmosphere ages cigars to become exclusive, premium vintage pieces. In this way, a Reposo simultaneously gives life to two primary passions: For exquisite cigars and for pure luxury.

“Cigars change thoughts into dreams.”

Victor Marie Hugo


This is a unique humidor backed by a minimalist and timeless design and handcrafted to house a personal selection of different premium cigars.

In your Reposo Cube, fragrant cedrela envelopes each individual cigar, protecting it against the mixing of different flavors. The climate for careful storage is created through the perfect interaction of optimum air circulation and carefully attuned humidity.


Even the first impression is impressive. Feast your eyes on its precious finish, heavy floating glass, and premium stainless steel for a contemporary elegant look.

A Reposo Column consists of 36 individual pieces of cedrela, which are carefully carved out of a single block of wood that is aged over many years. We combine best-in-class technologies to achieve this: Electronic humidity generation with smart PLC control and UVC sterilization of air and water.

This feature is designed to offer many decades of service for personal vintage cigars.


The Reposo Column Nautic enables you to enjoy cigars on the high seas. This handcrafted humidor brings together distinguished materials with cutting-edge technology. The base, which can be anchored, is made from brushed steel. The demineralized water supply is contained within an integrated surge-protected tank with constant level monitoring.

Each Reposo Column Nautic also features self-monitoring of all unit conditions and electronic probes with alarm functions. Fully automatic UVC sterilization ensures optimum hygiene, and an integrated WLAN module enables remote control via smartphone. Dimmable LED spotlights in the air-conditioned space and on the base unlock additional customization options.

Ideal for autonomous storage and aging of cigars on yachts over the course of many years.

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