One concern always guides us: Customer focus

We are guided by an individualized, customer-centric approach, designed to unlock a project’s potential and deliver exemplary results each and every time. By following this approach, we offer hyper-tailored services that ensure value for projects spanning every style and size, from product design to interior design.

More service; added value!

Is it really possible to offer service that safeguards real added value for our customers; service delivered at the same high level worldwide; and which is available round-the-clock if worse comes to worst? Our answer: Why not? However, this ambitious goal requires one thing: Consistently and constantly realigning employees, processes, production resources, and logistical links to one another. Admittedly, it’s a demanding task. But it’s certainly a worthwhile one, as more and more customers around the globe are recognizing the advantages of our service package and reaching the same conclusion: Service from the metrica brand – actually, why not?

“An ending is just the beginning
of something new.”

Service-oriented thinking, point by point.

Here’s a more indepth look at our customer-oriented approach and how we work with you:

  • The metrica team is introduced to your staff to run through all service and control systems at project handover. All questions will be addressed during this time with detailed answers provided for each. This step ensures that a positive, visual experience of the completed interior is accompanied by a high level of practicality.
  • We provide a detailed introduction on how to care for all surfaces and materials to keep them looking their best for years to come.
  • Each component that we install into our yacht and residential projects is stored in a database, allowing for almost instantaneous verification of where each element was sourced and what systems were used to install them. Maintenance and repair time is reduced significantly in this fashion.
  • Maintenance schedules come equipped with reminders to ensure proper care.
  • You can contact us at any time and we will respond immediately when you need us.
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Metrica Yacht Interior
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